YOU know you’re living in Woop Woop when everyone who ever visits you gets lost on the way.

I live on a subtropical island only 35 kilometres from the centre of Brisbane, one of the southern hemisphere’s biggest cities.

Yet most of the time I feel like I am living on the edge of civilisation. It’s great, until the internet gets patchy and my radio can’t quite catch the signal when it’s windy, or the tides won’t let the ferry get me to Australia, that place over there some locals call the mainland.

IMG_1183That’s when I feel incredibly remote from the rest of the known world, and after living here for a few years, I love it mostly and loathe it rarely.

Australian Country Life is very proud to welcome you to our new imprint, Woop Woop, the brainchild of writers and journalists Mary Moody and me, Michael Burge.

We both love the country – Mary lived on a farm in the central west of New South Wales for many years, and now resides in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, a Woop Woop all of its own.

We’re passionate about live outside of the big cities, across Australia and the world, and we love the stories and people of the Bush, the Outback, from west of the Black Stump and all the way to The Sticks … wherever those places are.

We love hearing stories about life outside the big cities – come along for the ride.

We have embarked on an adventure, two journos embracing the social media, perhaps the only media left. If you have an adventurous spirit, come and join us, armchair travellers welcome, of course.

We’re about Australian Country Life, and we’re a little bit out there!

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We're all about Australian Country Life, and we're a little bit out there