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Magda’s (not so) funny bits

A writer’s review of Magda Szubanksi’s ‘Reckoning’. WHEN they say that all great comedy emerges from tragedy, they’re talking about books like Magda Szubanski’s Reckoning. Audiences are often perplexed when commentators explore the comic-tragic paradox, a place where there are no easy absolutes. But it’s something Australian creators do particularly well. Think of the suicide […]

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Divorced from reality: the Coalition’s marital problems

“The Coalition will just have to take care of itself, because the political wedge has finally hit its target.” AFTER the Coalition’s narrow win, the plebiscite on Marriage Equality should be getting ready to kick off, yet the same election promise has been blamed for the major swing against Malcolm Turnbull. And the paradox has […]

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Stroke of brilliance behind Aussie crawl

“There are not enough great international novels about failure. This is one of them.” A Writer’s review of Christos Tsiolkas’ Barracuda. AN Australian book tackling the mask of bravado worn by the successful Aussie sportsman was well overdue by the time Christos Tsiolkas’ Barracuda was published in 2013. The author could have chosen from a multitude of […]

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