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Live-ex: a cow of an issue

1377536_557592020974180_1511956345_nANIMALS have been transported on ships since long before European settlers came to Australia, so why all the fuss about ‘Live ex’, or live export?

The diaries of explorers, traders and botanists reveal that live animals – primarily horses, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs – were onboard with settlers and convicts on the 6-month journey from Britain to the colony of NSW.

Like me, you might have listened at school about the First Fleet cattle who escaped famine-ridden Sydney Town and hoofed it to the pastures of Camden, where they proliferated.

The assertion that such animals are dumb, only good for eating, and their welfare does not matter, is questionable.

Australians have been taught that our country was “built on the sheep’s back”, that the vast plains of this island are meant to sustain million-dollar animal production industries. Not indigenous species, but the common English cow and sheep, and their gene pools.

The production (breeding), finishing (slaughtering) and processing (selling) of livestock has become embedded in the Australian economy, but has it gotten out of hand, when we export the animals live, despite the ongoing evidence of suffering in the process?

Many people think so. Many people don’t. Woop Woop will be exploring the issue, on both sides.

What you think about it?

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